Current Projects: Mid Clay WWTF Upgrades

Mid Clay WWTF Upgrades
Green Cove Springs, FL
October 2019
Clay County Utility Authority
Mittauer & Associates
The work includes: Furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, incidentals,and taxes necessary to construct the following: Influent structure with perforated plate mechanical screen, grit removal system, and flow splitter;
oxidation ditch with three (3) 75 HP mechanical surface aerators, two (2) 10 HP submersed turbine mixers, and effluent weir; two (2) 90-ft diameter clarifiers; RAS/WAS pumping station; two (2) 437.5 sf travelling bridge filters; 140,000 gallon chlorine contact chamber; three (3) 40 HP vertical turbine effluent pumps; 200 gpm in-plant reuse pump station with hydrotank; duplex submersible in-plant pump station; hypochlorite and ferric sulfate chemical feed and storage facilities; conversion of an existing concrete packing plant to an aerobic digester; electrical building with new diesel generator; new paved entrance road; 3,700 LF of 10-inch PVC water main; demolition of existing ring-steel package plant and associated piping; sitework; yard piping; and electrical.

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