Completed Projects: Waste to Energy Water Treatment Plant

Waste to Energy Water Treatment Plant
St. Petersburg, FL
March, 2013
Pinellas County Purchasing
Pinellas County Engineering
Construction of a new 2.5 million gallon per day (mgd) waste to energy water treatment plant (WTP) to treat pond water (located on the Bridgeway Acres site) for use by the Waste to Energy facility on site. The work encompasses two (2) sites; one adjacent to Pond A which includes a new influent structure in Pond A, a new influent pump station to pump Pond A water to the treatment plant site through an existing force main, and a new sodium hypochlorite injection system.. Demolition of the existing gas chlorination system and existing influent pump state is also included at this site. The other site is located just to the east of the Waste to Energy facility on which the WTP will be constructed. The work also consists of site work that includes but is not limited to; excavation and re-compaction of the existing site, drainage, utilities, concrete walkways, parking, roadway and driveway pavement, site lighting, grading and landscaping; irrigation system and security fencing and demolition.

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