Completed Projects: Northwest Regional WTP

Northwest Regional WTP
Jacksonville, FL
August 2018
CH2M Hill
The completed Work provided the Owner with a new 6.5 mgd Water Treatment Plant and included:
1. Approximately 13,000 cubic yards of pre-load material for the ground storage tanks.
2. One 1.0-million-gallon (MG) ground storage tank, with provisions for a future 1.0-MG tank.
3. Four high service pumps; two at 3,400 gallons per minute (gpm) and two at 1,700 gpm. Each size pump will be equipped with an adjustable frequency drive (AFD).
4. A pre-engineered metal Process Building, 120 feet by 40 feet.
5. Wastewater lift station wet well with submersible grinder pumps.
6. A JEA standard SCADA system.
7. One 10,000-gallon sodium hypochlorite tank in a chemical area housed under a canopy.
8. An automated skid-mounted chemical feed system housed under a canopy.
9. A standard security system for JEA Building Operations.
10. Roughly 2,000 feet of 24-inch and 300 feet of 24-inch finished water Ductile Iron Pipe from the Northwest WTP site boundary to the tie-in on Airport Road and approximately 1,000 feet of 16-inch raw water Ductile Iron Pipe from Well No. 2 to the Northwest WTP.
11. Plant piping that consists of 42-inch, 24-inch, 16-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch Ductile Iron Pipe; 18-inch concrete pipe; and other miscellaneous piping.
12. A 1,500 kW/1,875 kVA standby rated, synchronous, diesel engine generator set and control panel and above grade, double walled 8,000 gallon fuel storage system.
13. Two wellheads with accessories.
14. Stormwater system.
15. An asphalt access drive with gates and site fencing.

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