Completed Projects: Mainland CR214 RO Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Mainland CR214 RO Water Treatment Plant Improvements
St. Augustine, Florida
June, 2007
St. Johns County, Florida
Camp, Dresser, McKee Engineers
A new membrane process/administrative building comprising of the cartridge filter and membrane feed pump room, membrane process bay, electrical room, control room, lab, and administrative areas including office, maintenance room, and men's and women's locker rooms. Major equipment within each area of the membrane process building, two cartridge filters will be used to pre-filter the acidified raw water feed to the LPRO membranes and will be housed in the cartridge filter/pump room in the membrane process building. Two horizontal cartridge filters will be used to filter the acidified raw water as part of the raw water blend stream. Three 250 Hp vertical turbine (VT) can pumps (2 Duty/l Standby) with appropriate valves will be used to feed the two LPRO membrane skids. Two membrane skids complete with membranes, membrane housing vessels, all associated instrumentation and controls/wiring. Variable frequency drives for the LPRO membrane feed pumps as well as motor control centers and lighting panels. A membrane cleaning system comprising of one membrane cleaning solution storage tank, pump, cartridge filter and associated instrumentation and controls/wiring. New 2.0 million gallon (MG) ground storage prestressed concrete tank to collect, store and transfer the concentrate generated as part of the LPRO process. New concentrate transfer pump canopy structure which will house two (2) horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps for transferring concentrate to an offsite lift station. Two (2) sulfide stripping towers with two (2) blowers, all associated piping and air ductwork, and all associated instrumentation and controls. Rehabilitate the two existing finished water transfer pumps with new impeller, bearings as described on the drawings and specified herein. A pretreatment chemical storage and feed system comprising of a 10,000 gallon sulfuric acid steel storage tank and a 3,000 gallon antiscalant storage tank within a concrete secondary containment. A small pretreatment chemical pump building to house prefabricated chemical feed pump skids to inject sulfuric acid and antiscalant. One (1) 5,000 gallon storage tank for sodium hydroxide with heat tracing inside an existing concrete secondary containment structure and two (2) feed pumps. A new 8,000 gallon double wall fuel storage tank and a new standby auxiliary generator with an acoustical housing. Associated MCCs, PLCs and electrical conduit, site lighting and ductbanks. A complete new SCADA system with fiber optic cable.

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