Completed Projects: Kanapaha WRF & Main St WRF Dewatering Project

Kanapaha WRF & Main St WRF Dewatering Project
Gainesville, FL
October 2016
Gainesville Regional Utilities
CH2M Hill
Improvements to the solids handling facilities at the Main Street Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) and new dewatering facilities at the Kanapaha WRF as follows:
1. Main Street WRF Solids Handling Improvements:
a. Project 1 – Gravity belt thickener feed pump station piping
b. Project 2 – Gravity belt thickener valve and piping improvements.
c. Project 3 – Sludge thickening building renovations.
d. Project 4 - Polymer system improvements.
e. Project 5 – Not used.
f. Project 6 - Thickener transfer pumps.
g. Project 7 - Digester 1 inlet piping.
h. Project 8 – Digester 2 aeration.
2. Kanapaha WRF Dewatering Facilities:
a. Demolition.
b. Site civil and stormwater treatment.
c. Site utilities including yard piping, site electrical, site access
control and security, and fiber optic cable.
d. Digester upgrades to the primary digester, south digester and
north digester.
e. Digester electrical building.
f. Truck unloading pump station.
g. Centrifuge feed pump station.
h. Dewatering building that includes dewatering centrifuges,
conveyors, bridge crane, polymer system, grinders and polymer
injection, fire suppression and alarm, HVAC, electrical,
instrumentation and video cameras.
i. Odor control facility.
j. Centrate pump station.
k. Electrical.
l. Instrumentation and SCADA system.
m. Video security and site access control.

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