Completed Projects: East Putnam County Regional WWS - Phase 1

East Putnam County Regional WWS - Phase 1
Palatka, FL
June 2016
Putnam County
Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc.
Construction of a 0.300-MGD wastewater treatment plant consisting of two 0.150-MGD package treatment units; headworks with manual bar screen and splitter box; sludge-drying beds; centrifugal and positive displacement blowers; sodium hypochlorite feed facility; 13.3 acres of rapid infiltration basins; an office/maintenance trailer;plant service water pump station; mixed liquor recycle pump station; expansion of the existing collection system including three lift stations, modification of one lift station, approximately 84 simplex, 24 duplex, and 1 quadlex grinder pump stations, and approximately 5.8 miles of force main; and all other work and appurtenances necessary for a complete installation.

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